Sunday, October 26, 2008

Squirm, Baby, Squirm!

I love Meet the Press.

(I know! Not a Prop 8 entry! Wow!)

If anyone missed it this morning, you really ought to go see if you can find a clip or watch your DVR.

I mean, I have the transcript, but it doesn't do near the justice it ought to. You can't see McCain's tic like blinking, figeting, stammering; his forced smile (you know, the one that says he's trying hard to not seethe certain words through his teeth)...did I mention fidgeting?

He backpeddled and, as my husband described it, did a bit of fillibustering. Tom Brokaw kept showing clips of previous McCain appearances on the show, at various rallies, etc. from the past that totally contradict the John McCain of today.

Talk about an inadvertent stuffing of the foot in the mouth. It was like watching a tennis match, with one competitor standing tall and calm while the other slouched, acted jittery, and couldn't seem to return the serve.

And ol'Sarah really isn't helping the cause. She's referring to the President as unpopular (which, I know "duh" but Sarah's supposed to be wooing the base. Insulting the base's Budda, so to speak, won't help things). She's referred to the campaign's robocalls as "irritating," which I tend to think is more her attempt to be folksy again - she's so folksy - but the campaign itself has tirelessly defended their tactics and strategies, and as of late, the robocalls have been a large part of it.

(speaking of, I guess Barack's campaign passed around robocalls to decry McCain's use of the robocall, hahahaha)

Some are calling Palin's acts and words as of late "rogue" and there are whispers that, since the polls are looking so dismal (but don't tell John that!), she's working on her own political future.

Ahhh, politics.

It shouldn't be funny, though I do admit to some giggling, that watching the McCain campaign lately is a little like watching a nasty spider wither as it dies, but the desperation levels have reached a bit of a tragic humor level.

I am not so naive as to believe Obama has it in the bag - we've learned that lesson before - but it's looking good. I think even McCain understands this.

There's just something cool and confidence-instilling about Obama right now. He's cool, calm, and collected. McCain can't seem to stand up these days.

I wish my husband wasn't so bogged down with homework, though he will be home November 4th....I won't be alone for the first time ever on election night! Yay!

I just hope we don't have a recurrence of the 2000 election. Silly, young me was up until midnight that night, gnawing at my fingernails in the hopes that Bush would win.

I don't want to be up again. Really, everyone, there's no use for it.

Please don't vote McCain just because you're LDS and it's somehow written in between the lines of the covenants we make at baptism. Look at the issues, look at the man, read the articles.

McCain and the neo-conservative values/principles are hardly conducive to what we believe in our core. You cry out that we should vote yes on 8 because of the Prophet? I say vote Obama because you believe in being good, getting better, and in serving your fellow man.

I truly believe Obama has our best interests at heart, much moreso than McCain, and if you insist on throwing around the "socialist" label, I'll be more than happy to blog on that as well.

Obama '08!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog! It's refreshing to find another LDS person who thinks in much the same way I do, but is able to express it so much better than I ever could! :)

Lisa said...

yay! i'm glad :)

Thank you

Pallas Athena said...

"Please don't vote McCain just because you're LDS and it's somehow written in between the lines of the covenants we make at baptism. Look at the issues, look at the man, read the articles."

You are not the only one I have heard say something along these lines and I am curious as to why people think this? Do you know? Is it because the LDS Church is based in Utah which is generally a Republican state? May be because people generally consider Republicans conservative and they think the Church is conservative? I am genuinely interested in your thoughts.

Natalie said...

I can't find the clip of McCain on Meet the Press..... have you stumbled across a link yet? :)

Lisa said...

Pallas - I'd love to respond with a short comment, but I think I'll save it for a future blog entry. There's definitely enough for one :) In essence, though, I think it's more because people have been brought up to believe conservative=good, liberal=bad, worldly, etc.

And so they automatically consider themselves conservative.

Oh if they only knew...

Natalie: I'll go look now :)