Friday, October 31, 2008

How can you NOT vote for Barack Obama?

I'd really like to know.

I don't want to hear about Bill Ayers. I don't want to hear about Obama's lack of experience, either.

Honestly, it's been done. Both arguments are easy enough to refute.

Give me specifics. Policy. Character. Don't give me the crap about McCain being a POW. We all know it, we all really revere him for it, but it's been done. Let's find something else to point at, if we can.

I'd also like to know if you're voting FOR McCain or against Obama? Or are you voting for a 3rd party candidate (and why) or none at all?

I just don't get it. The more I hear from Obama, the more I don't get why people don't like him. Forget about the Liberal thing! I mean, damn! Listen to what he's saying!

I was incredibly impressed with him when Rachel Maddow interviewed him. This is an excerpt from their discussion last night:

"MADDOW: Well, yes, actually. I mean, other Democrats, you will hear them talk about the GOP as the party that's been wrong on all the big stuff. Creating Social Security, civil rights, the War in Iraq. But, you don't really do that. Do you think there is a stark difference between the parties?

"OBAMA: Well, I do think there's a difference between the parties, but here's my belief. That I'm talking to voters. And I think they're a lot of Republican voters out there, self-identified, who actually think that what the Bush administration has done, has been damaging to the country.

"And, what I'm interested in, is how do we build a working majority for change? And if I start off with the premise that it's only self-identified Democrats who I'm speaking to, then I'm not going to get to where we need to go. If I can describe it as not a blanket indictment of the Republican Party, but instead describe it as the Republican Party having been kidnapped by a incompetent, highly ideological subset of the Republican Party, then that means I can still reach out to a whole bunch of Republican moderates who I think are hungry for change, as well."

You can read the rest of the transcript and view the interview here

Fellow LDS especially: how can you watch a McCain rally, a McCain campaign ad, or just listen to the man and Palin speak - all of the hate and the snarling and the pointing of fingers...

And then listen to Barack who refuses to sink as low as McCain and Palin; who, when his supporters "booed" after the mention of McCain said "Hey, don't boo. Vote."

Work with me on a semi-decent analogy for a moment. The starkness of atmosphere between the two campaigns reminds me of attending Conference in SLC seven years ago. On one side you had people with their hate-filled signs damning waiting Priesthood to hell while the Priesthood decided to respond by singing "I am a Child of God."

Stark difference.

Obama is classy. He's intelligent. He's courageous. He isn't quick to anger or accusation. He respects people.

He's human and has faults. I don't agree with or love everything, but nobody is ideal.

I just don't understand why anyone would want McCain in office. All he's doing is spreading fear and allowing hatred to blossom. He has said very little about what he intends to do. Sure, we know about his health care plan, the one that is dismal, at best. Who can live on $2500 ind/$5000 family annually on health care?

Are you kidding me? You'd HAVE to get your own private insurance to supplement, and then what? If you have a pre-existing condition, you're screwed. If you make no money, you're screwed.

Yeah, I have a hang up on the preexisting condition thing. It's...beyond me.

And besides that, he's screaming about Obama having to raise taxes when he admitted he'll have to raise them, too - for his health plan. The one that sucks.

McCain can't seem to talk as much about himself as he seems to want to talk about Obama. It reminds me of the church I used to attend where the pastor would start praying and suddenly start talking to the devil.

It just doesn't make sense.

He's drowning. He's flailing. And the only supporters I see are either the blind ones or the ones so full of racism and hate (I've heard "dirty Arab!"). I hate to think that perhaps some of my "brothers and sisters" would vote for this man just because he's Republican.

He's not what we need. Maybe eight years ago McCain was a "maverick" (take a drink), but he's a puppet now.

McCain instills no sense of pride within me. He doesn't seem sure of himself. Colin Powell said it all (and I read today that Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff endorsed Obama today. OUCH!).

I don't respect McCain. He won't set his supporters straight, not until it gets so bad he has to. While the moment where he corrected the older woman who spat "Arab" was refreshing, he could have done better. "Arab" isn't a bad word. He could've said "He's not an 'Arab' but even if he was, so?" Then he could have continued with "He's a good, decent man who I happen to disagree with."

Haven't we learned? Japanese internment camps? Don't we remember?

And then Joe the freaking Plumber (take another drink. Two.), McCain's "blue collar mascot" who is getting a record and book deal. And has a publicist. The guy he allows to talk policy with supporters. The one who is agreeing with those who feel a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel (see previous post). He has no control over his campaign. NONE.


Please. Don't vote McCain.

Obama '08.


Heather said...

Confession time, I'm voting against Obama. I am concerned about the people the man has surrounded himself with, his policies and could not make myself vote for a candidate who supports abortion. That said, I don't like McCain much either. I just don't want any handouts from anyone, I don't want to go start a war, I don't want Universal Health care, I want the government to shrink. Neither candidate has a corner on credit or blame in those issues but they are why I can't vote for Obama or McCain. I do resent a little bit that people who don't vote for him are racist. I think many who are going to vote for him are just because of his race. That's just as bad. Vote for someone after close examination of policy and character. This election is a decisive one for our country to be sure.

Thanks for being sincere and open in your blog. Like I said before I don't think I really agree with anything but I enjoy your sincerity and thoughtfulness.

Lisa said...

I just think it's cool that you're coming back.

I don't want handouts either, but I do think it's...ok. Here's the thing, Heather.

The Lord and His prophets counsel newlyweds to begin a family sooner rather than later, to not wait until they are finished with school and have a career, correct?

Eric and I did that. We had three kids in under three years. Each of them we felt and still feel were supposed to come to our family when they did.

However, in doing so we HAD to get on some government assistance. Thankfully Eric's job afforded us decent health insurance, but beyond that we were poor. I would get looks and all sorts of awful things when I would have to renew WIC or something after getting pregnant again. The guilt killed me because I'd grown up hearing harsh criticisms about people doing things like I was doing. It didn't feel right. At all.

I didn't want the handout, but I needed them. As much as I love my kids, trust me: there is a reason the impression we got to have Joseph was so unbelievably strong. I wanted a big break. I wanted to wait. But I'll never deny the impression. It was the closest thing to a face to face I'll get at least in this life - but I paid for it by having to go to county offices, and it sucked. I still *hate* thinking about it.

It's just the people, SOME of the conservatives in the church are the same ones criticizing people like me. Why am I any different? Because I'm LDS? Not everyone getting help from the government are being fraudulent or flippant about it.

I don't so much want the government to grow, but I'd like it to become more efficient. I don't trust McCain to do that. I mean, Bush did such a fabulous job of shrinking the government, right? The Republican party ain't what it used to be. I wish I remembered who said this, but someone said "I didn't leave the Republican party; it left me."

I don't trust that McCain will be too different from Bush. Four years ago I was willing to give him a chance. (hell, Heather. TWO years ago I was still willing). He's screwed it up for me. He's a sell out.

Always remember, too: people are voting McCain because he's the white guy. Racism exists on both sides, and you're right: it all sucks.

But all that said, I respect your views and your vote too. It may surprise you just what I do agree with you on and how open minded I can really be. Here I tend to vent more than anything. Things aren't as cut and dry as I tried to pretend they were for so long.

Heather said...

I completely understand your situation. My sister Melissa, has a prosthesis, and has two boys. The first was born at 24 weeks. To be completely honest being on Medi-cal, food stamps, cash-aid, and wic is what saved his life. Elijah has CP and eye problems, Melissa can't walk without a "fake leg" and if they had to pay on their own they would still be living with my parents because Noah, her husband, is still in school. I understand the system is broken when people like my sister who wants no handouts only to be able to afford to buy a walking device, can't. They say it's a pre-exising condition so they have to have medi-cal. Anyway, I understand, my family had a hard time with the way the did things at first but we couldn't do anything else for them as their family and so they had to do what they had to to make it. I'm sure that we agree more than disagree, and even if we did disagree more than agree, I would still love to hear your opinions. I like listening to people who say different things than I do. I'm boring. :-) Talk to you soon.