Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe the Plumber

How SICK are you of hearing that? If you were to play the drinking game, you'd be rather drunk by now not just off of the word "Maverick" (which, by the way, if I'm forced to endure even four years of hearing that word, I might just shoot myself), but completely wasted off the tired phrase mentioned in the title of this entry.

But let me ask you: his real name is Joseph Wurzelbacher. Does it have a certain "twang" to it? Would that fly in Nashville?

Why do I ask?

I'll get to that in a minute. First you have to hear this.

It's no secret this man unwittingly (and yet somehow wittingly) has been brought into the McCain fold as their mascot of sorts. He shows up to rallies and has even talked policy with those in the audience.

If you didn't think McCain and Palin were a little off their rocker before, you really ought to now. Good ol' Blue Collar Working Man Joe (ah! a song title!) has compelled Fox News' Sheppard Smith to slam Joe for his comments.

According to Keith Olbermann (yeah that's right. I watch Olbermann), one man asked what Joe thought of his idea that "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death to Israel."

Joe's response? "Yeah, I'll agree with you on that one."

If I had a shock emoticon, I'd totally use it here.

But aside from that, the McCain campaign's mascot - who is supposed to represent the middle-class that the campaign believes they're speaking to...

1. ...has a publicist.
2. getting a book deal.
3. ...might be a country western singer sooner than you can say "stupid."

I know what you're thinking:

A. Publicist for what, exactly?
B. A book deal? Are you kidding me? For what? What has this man done? I'll concede that there is every possibility this man has something to say, but...a book deal? Really?

I want a book deal. If you're thinking I'm jealous here, yeah. I am.

C. *Blink* A record deal, too?

"Country singer Aaron Tippin is his manager, Bobby Roberts is his booking agent and The Press Office's Jim Della Croce is his publicist...

"'He is an overnight celebrity, and that notoriety is what needs to be managed,'" Jim said. 'You have a person of substance and quality who is a single father and who is really protective of his son. He is a hard-working guy who is looking for some simple answers and has been thrust into the public eye.'"

"Aaron met Joe when they both appeared on Mike Huckabee's Fox show. 'We started talking, and hey man, he's like me,' Aaron said. 'He likes to hunt and fish, and he's a hard-working guy who came from a blue-collar background. He's still there making a living in the blue-collar world.

"'We exchanged phone numbers. He came looking for somebody to help him with his career. It just exploded. His phone lines jammed… and he didn't know what to do. I was the first person he met in show business.'"

How blue collar of him.

Only in America.


Amanda said...

Okay, so I have a funny story about Joe the Plumber, and not like any story you've seen on TV. The other night, my family went to ihop for dinner because we didn't feel like cooking and all you can eat pancakes sounded really good. They have an election theme going on right now on the kid's menus, and so we asked our oldest, who just turned 8, if there was anything he wanted to know about the election. He asked us what each of the candidates did for a living before they were running for president. We told him what McCain, Palin, and Obama did for a living, and then we got to Joe Biden. My husband told my son he thought Biden had been a lawyer before he became a senator, but he wasn't sure, and my son suddenly popped out with - "I thought he was a plumber!" :D

And btw, I'm so sick of the word Maverick, too.

Heather said...

That's totally awesome! What an opportunity! And yes, Maverick is overused!! Oh, it was really good to see you at Kylee's party last week Lisa! I wish we could get together some time and maybe take the kids to the park. I don't know...just though it might be fun.

Lisa said...

Amanda: ahahaha, I thought of that too! I wonder how often Biden gets that joke.

Heather: That would be fun :)

I generally take the boys to the park while Abbie is in school. Just easier, haha. Less people there, too.

Either way, though. It'd be cool to reintroduce Natalie and Abbie.

It was good to see you too. :)

Noe said...

*sigh* The word Maverick is ruining "Top Gun" for me... Course, Tom Cruise does a pretty good job of that without any help from the political arena.

Joe the plumber... What about Lisa the housewife? Noe the vet-tech? I want a book deal and a recording contract just as much as the next guy and I'm better looking than Joe. lol I have nothing insightful to say. Really.

Heather said...

That would be awesome! Natalie gets out of school at 2:45pm and Nate will be gone all this next week. If your not busy, maybe we could get together one day this week! Let me know, my number is in the stake directory or just e-mail me. same account I use for my Pampered Chef business.