Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank you

I wish I had more to say lately, but it's difficult keeping a blog and guest blogging on another.

Then my son became very, very sick. He had ran a fever from Christmas Eve until the day before yesterday. Five days of a fever. My boy who never shuts up, never sits still, always has a smile for everyone and a mouth open to any food that might come in disappeared. In his place sat a lethargic, beet red boy whose vocabulary decimated to "owie" and "mama, i wanna sit wit you."


He spent the night in the hospital with RSV and (double) pneumonia, so I did too. He's better now, but I'm sick too. Thankfully God has spared the rest of my family with these two awful conditions, but my husband and I are fighting sinus infections. I'll take that any day - at least I can function and take care of my kid.

My point? I'm sick and tired and my youngest is recovering from something rather scary. School begins for me soon - my palms sweat at the thought. I still intend to post, but I don't know at what frequency. As a person whose more competitive than perhaps is wise, this is always a challenge. I've enjoyed getting to know everyone. I've enjoyed the challenge of posting something daily. I'm afraid meeting that challenge has gotten in the way of quality. I have to slow down.

I'm going through some big changes. I know this will turn some of you off should I decide to post anything. Consider this a warning - I don't mean to chase anyone away because I value all points of view, but just so we all know.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope we can remember with fondness the things that have gone well this past year, find perspectives that make us smile rather than frown. May the new year bring you all much happiness and growth, love and peace.

Thank you for being a part of my blog, for your time in commenting and support in reading. It means much to this girl. Thank you.


Cindy said...

So glad your boy is doing better. That can be scary. My son had a minor case of RSV when he was a baby, but luckily it didn't require a hospital stay.

mfranti said...

bad timing for the guest stint, eh? no worries. you have a good library? of posts to work with.

we like having you around fmh.

oh, get yourself a netti pot and nose douche daily.