Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Barack Obama

Just voted for Obama - I feel amazing.

I know a lot of you are tired of this election and cannot wait for tomorrow morning, but I'm totally jazzed up and can't help but think I could've done or said more. I hope I've said and done enough.

If you haven't voted yet, please go with your gut. Go with hope, not fear. Go with a man who knows what its like to start near the bottom and work his way to the top. Go with a man who put off school and a decent income ($1ok a year) to work in the inner Chicago neighborhoods to help the less fortunate have a better life. Vote for a man who had a single mama. Vote for a man who knows what it's like to not have daddy around. Vote for a man who understands race both black and white - far better than McCain ever will. He's experienced it. He knows. Vote for a man who will tax fairly and use those tax funds for the greater good and not to make the rich richer. Vote for a man who believes in investing in our future. Vote for a man who will fight for you. Vote for a man who is focused and determined, who hasn't compromised his ideals and values for political expediency. He is who he is, and as long as we've known him that has not changed.

Vote for a man who not only believes in himself, but in all of us to make the change necessary to bring this country back to life.



Amanda Roby said...

Someone on the radio yesterday said something along the lines of "Obama is calm and collected... a little too calm and collected for me to want to vote for him." My husband and I could only look at each other. Finally I said, "He won't vote for Obama because he's too competent? What?"

I voted. (And I didn't vote for anger and frustration. I voted calm and collected all the way.)

The Faithful Dissident said...

You've probably heard this already, but just wanted to share with everyone in case they haven't heard it:

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk...
Martin walked so Barack could run...
Barack is running so our children can fly..."

Lisa said...

Amanda: E-xactly. Dunno why other people don't see that. They want him to get all up in arms? What? Yeah, I dunno.

FD: I have heard that, and I think it's an amazing quote each time. Thanks for sharing it here. More people should hear it.