Friday, November 21, 2008

Quick Note: Weekend Sabbatical

Now, I'm notorious for not following through on myself, but right now I've every intention to take a break over the weekend. Last night I went for some VT action (visiting teaching) and realized:

Crap. I have to teach this Sunday.

That's right. I've been called to teach the fourth Sunday Relief Society lessons and I completely forgot. My brain is so full it's brimming and apparently not with all the stuff I need to remember.
So I need to get on that.

I'm also working on a story for a contest. As I haven't entered any writing contests yet, this is a big step for me. I need to start establishing some credentials. It's not due until December 1st, and as proud as I am of it, there seems to be some work needed to make it better. I'd love nothing more than to win - but I'll be just as thrilled if I can even place.

On top of that, today my husband has me juggling time with a few things, and then at 4:30 I'm seeing Twilight (woohoo!)

And, honestly, I'm tired. I appreciate all of the posts, but I'm tired and I'm sure most of you are as well.

I know better than to say I absolutely won't post again this weekend - there's every chance I'll post something tomorrow - but I wanted to say this just in case I don't.

So if I don't see you, have a great weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

Have a great weekend, and when you come back - what contest are you entering?

Lisa said...

Writer's Digest Shorts contest. :)

Natalie said...

Yay for a hiatus! I hope your lesson went well. Teaching can be SO intimidating.

I love writing, and reading, and all that stuff, so if you want an extra pair of eyes for your story.... I have some spare time. :)

That said, totally understandable if you want to keep this little baby a secret for a while.

Good luck!