Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Blog

So I have a new blog. I've been considering it for quite a while, and I'd like to invite y'all over.


"Y'all" doesn't include people who:

1) Are easily offended. This means: don't mind a bit of cursing and blasphemy and the like.
2) Are going to tell me I'm bad or going to hell or am going against the church. Guess what, I don't care.
3) Are looking to worry about me. I'll be just fine. Really.
4) Are afraid of other ideas and viewpoints. (seriously. I've had a number of people come to this blog who believe they're open to new ideas but end up hemming and hawing about mine and then storm out because I'm just that awful)
5) Hate on or feel called upon to condescend to people who either believe or don't believe or just don't know what they believe.

"Y'all" does include people who

1) DO want to talk with someone who feels the same way or similarly,
2) ARE open to someone who is genuinely working things out, even if the end result doesn't match your their ideals,
3) LIKE to talk religion and sometimes politics and sometimes other stuff, even if the viewpoints are different,
4) ARE genuinely open to other ideas, even if they aren't their own, and
5) WANT to learn and explore some potentially scary alternatives.

If the latter shoe fits, you're more than welcome to come visit me at The Liberal Agnostic Who Could.


kyleintheskywithdiamonds said...

I enjoy your method of thinking. It's refreshing in a county so damn conservative. I think it gets me down sometimes, how some people can be so narrow minded (the people not included in the ya'll). Anyway, I'd like to read more of your writing.

Shans said...

Where is this new blog?? I'm dying! Email me.. Shansharris@gmail.com

Shans said...

Where is the new blog???