Monday, April 20, 2009


I wanted to share a few quotes from Meet the Press and some Jon Stewart episodes from the past week.

You know, for a guy who isn't a real journalist, he sure as hell is doing a better job than most.

I do have some rather...inciteful posts in my queue right now I'm debating on posting. We'll see. But in the meantime, I want to go back to politics. From April 19th's Meet the Press:

"FMR. REP. DICK ARMEY (R-TX): Well, first of all, I, I want to correct the record. While FreedomWorks did participate and help with the organizing, we had over 800 TEA parties. Now, this is very important. Over 800 TEA parties around the country, with attendance in the hundreds. [yay?] And Atlanta was 15,000. These were almost exclusively organized by volunteer people. I say they were. [well then we will have to take your word for it, huh?] And where FreedomWorks helped with technical assistance, in every TEA party that I was aware of a real person in their real community put it together. Now, what they're concerned about is where it's going to go. Quite frankly, the--most of the people that I talked to at the TEA parties and, and who had that sentiment frankly just simply do not believe that the president is either going to hold the line on spending. Look, he's, he's taken the, the deficit up to $2 trillion and promising to halve it. That still makes it, what, a--twice as big as it was when he started. So the fact of the matter is there's real doubts about him, and taxes must inevitably go up if he's going to grow big government. [Where the hell were these people when Bush was making big government?]

"FMR. REP. HAROLD FORD JR. (D-TN): There was not--but, but, but, Leader, there was not one TEA party in the eight years that President Bush was in office. [I love how they're using the TEA acronym now. Lame!] And this is not meant to litigate the last eight years. But let's be honest, there was a $5 trillion increase in the amount of the, the nation's debt under President Bush. Normally when you use a credit card and you go out and charge things, you're able to show something you got in return. For the last eight years there are no more kids with health care, there are fewer kids who are able to afford college, we have not found new energy sources, and we can make a pretty credible argument that the Middle East is less stable and more dangerous than it was before. I give the president great credit for another attack not occurring on our soil. When we look at the long-term investments and the foundational platform that this president, President Obama is trying to create, one could make a legitimate and I think a compelling argument that in the long run this will produce the new--new investments in energy will produce not only alternatives but less reliance overseas, cheaper energy here at home, a smarter electricity grid, more kids going to college, more people with access to health care, which will lower business costs and allow the economy, for that matter..." (emphasis added)

Let's not forget, John McCain's plan was going to increase the deficit as well.

And besides that, anyone watch Jon Stewart? To quote an overused phrase, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Correspondent John Oliver attended a tea bagging party where everyone shouted about tyranny and how "taxation is slavery." I just wanted to beat the utter crap out of these people.

Slavery? Tyranny?

These are the SAME PEOPLE who are running around screaming how we don't know how good we have it. How we don't appreciate our freedom.


I just want to know how many of these teabaggers went out and bought the then half-million dollar houses which are now in foreclosure.

Then Oliver speaks with a teabagger who doesn't understand what "Taxation without Representation" truly is. Basically the conversation went like this:

Reporter: "But you are represented."
Teabagger: "Yeah, well, um. I'm not represented in that my views aren't being represented."


Keep encouraging these people, Faux News. It's making 2012 look much more brighter than it already does.


Kengo Biddles said...

Stop! It my brain is to be hurting! Oi!

Seriously -- how RETARDED. And don't forget to mention that the governor of Texas is threatening to secede from the Union.

(Guess he thinks it will work better for Texas this time.)

Grégoire said...

Guess he thinks it will work better for Texas this time.Texas would instantly become one of the world's wealthiest nations; and the U.S.; and none of those blue state banker parasites would make their cut off the buying and selling of the red state wealth any longer. The U.S. would be effectively gelded overnight, unable to afford to meddle in the affairs of the rest of the world any longer.

Secession? I say go for it. We'll all be better off.

Gwenny said...

::laughs hysterically @Grégoire:: You are, of course, aware that Texas is top of the list of farm subsidies? For the year 2006 Texas farmers received $1,399,412,686 which was 10.4% of all the subsidies paid. (50 states, each state's fair share is 2%) And how about one of those "blue state parasites" . . .California? California got $456,057,679, or 3.4% of the subsidy pie. You can find the data here:

California has 11.95% of the US population, compared to Texas's 7.81%.

Texas is 34th in the list of where federal tax dollars are spent, while California is 43rd. Per capita income was $5k higher in CA than in Texas in 2007 (both are very low compared to other states, just fyi)

I have been hoping for YEARS that Texas would secede. Let's see how well it does when it has to re-negotiate all it's deals, pay it's own farm subsidies and defend itself. Make it go out on it's own I say

Grégoire said...

Dear Gwenny,

Howsabout you look at those numbers a different way. For example, in comparing mineral resources and manufactured goods in Texas to, say California (which only stays afloat because of a huge population of undocumented slaves).

California can't even pay its power bill from one summer to the next. While it's a particularly bad example of management at any time, *now* is an especially bad time to tout the Golden State.

The reality is that the wealth of Texas (and other red states) drives the economy. The fact that the banks which buy and sell, producing nothing, are on the east coast gives them an inflated air of self-importance. If Texas seceded, the war in Iraq would end tomorrow, because the rest of your country would go bankrupt. Let them secede. Texans will be better off, and so will the rest of the planet.

Kengo Biddles said...

Grégoire, you have a mighty high view of Texas.

I think this article sums up the way things are going to go for Texas, should they try to secede.

Grégoire said...

Grégoire, you have a mighty high view of Texas.I have a realistic view of Texas; and I have a high view of working people, wherever they might live. I think it's funny that 'farm subsidies' and 'welfare' are used to demean people. It's the hallmark of a sick, degenerate and decadent people who sneer at something our grandparents fought so hard for.

If you lived in Canada, where there are no farm subsidies, no welfare and no food stamps -- and subsequently nearly no small farms left -- you'd have a different opinion of the matter.

It also betrays a fundamental ignorance of wealth and capital for this whole argument to be posited. Where do you think the government gets the wealth to give farm subsidies and welfare? The wealth was stolen from the farmers and workers in the first place. They get a pitiful fraction of what was taken from them. The rest goes to those east coast parasites who ride on their backs and laugh at them.

So, again, let Texas secede. I doubt the Texans will invade another country half a world away. They're largely Ron Paul and old-school Democrat types down there.

Cindy said...

" investments in energy will produce not only alternatives but less reliance overseas, cheaper energy here at home, a smarter electricity grid, more kids going to college, more people with access to health care, which will lower business costs and allow the economy, for that matter..."

That all makes sense to me. I don't get why the right doesn't think investing in green jobs isn't only a great idea but imperative. They like to go on and on about patriotism, isn't it patriotic to invest in our own country and stop giving money to countries that support terrorism? We need to get new jobs from somewhere since we apparently intend to keep buying every product from China and India.

I was listening to an old farmer type at the bank the other day ramble on and on to the woman in front of me about the exciting tea party he went to and how we need to listen to Fox News to get the real truth. He asked me what I thought. I didn't want to get into it all right there, and it was my turn with the teller, but I did tell him he didn't want to know what I thought of Fox News. Ha ha!

Cindy said...

I think I need to move to Oregon or Washington. If secession becomes the new trend I don't want to be stuck living in the nation of Utahnica (or Deseret if they decide to go in that direction again).:)

Grégoire said...

Dear Cindy:

OR/WA/BC/YT and possibly Alberta and Northern Idaho can secede from the failed, bankrupt, phony states they're now a part of. :)

It's an idea that's been kicked around for a long time.

We could be friends with China, Russia and of course the People's Republic of Texas...

Hurry up and move! I'll design a pine tree flag for the Trans-Cascadian Soviet Socialist Republic and we'll be in business!

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

It does often strike me that even though Stewart/Colbert are comedians and not journalists, they get to the actual truth far more often that those who job it is to actually do so.

CNN, I'm looking at you.

Anonymous said...

John Stewart is just a touch too smug for me.

I hate hate hate to be the comment/political correctness police but Kengo dont have a better word than "retarded"?

Why can't we just try and understand each other a little more, rather than shout "idiot" at the other side? (Both sides are EXTREMELY guilty of this)

Kengo Biddles said...

Lori Ann -- you're right, calling the other side retarded is a bad thing. Their proposed action, which is what I had in mind, however, I think can be called retarded, because it is absolutely absurd.

I agree there's a need for understanding--but there's understanding and then there's just putting up with a viewpoint so out of the norm that it's ridiculous.

How many people attended these Tea Parties sponsored by FOX News? (remember, they're Fair -AND- Balanced)

Figures stand at about 300,000 people.

300,000 people out of 306,276,992* -- that's barely 0.1% (0.098%). A fringe of the population of the United States.

Yes, we should consider their point of view, but weigh it with the corresponding points of view of the remaining 305,976,992 Americans who don't agree.

And as for the Texas Secession thing -- 20% of Texans polled in a recent poll -- meaning those that are in the age-group that choose to have a land-line telephone (not your 20-30 year old demographic in most instances) would like to secede from the US. Biased numbers, in any case.