Friday, March 27, 2009

Going to Sunstone!

My husband and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary this Sunday, and we're doing so at Sunstone West.

Perhaps a bit of an odd choice (we were going to go to Tahoe), but the timing is great and there are a few friends I'm looking forward to seeing.

It should be a good time; I'm really looking forward to the discussions. If you'll be there, shoot me an email!


Amanda said...

Happy anniversary in advance. :)

Anonymous said...

Call me ignorant, but what's Sunstone? In any case, enjoy your anniversary with each other!!

Lisa said...

Maren: I haven't yet discovered the best way to describe Sunstone (I'm new at it too), but check out the site and their blog

I wish the subscriptions to the mags weren't so expensive, but the site is enough to satiate for now :)

And thank you, Amanda :)

Jeffrey Needle said...

Happy anniversary!

Please give my best to all the Sunstone folk -- and enjoy my article in the latest issue!

I'll see all of them in August, deo valente.